August 2013 Recap

Posted on August 26, 2013


I started off the month with a high and at one point I was doing 6bb/100 playing 3 tables at 10nl Zoom and 1 regular 16nl table. Unfortunately, the tides turned towards the end. I’ve decided to call it quits for the month; instead of grinding out the variance, I’ll sit this one out and protect my lead for some shots at 25nl in September.

I wasn’t able to put in as much volume as I hoped for this month though;  I did play some Live cash games however which are always fun, but sometimes tilting considering the action you see 🙂 I also managed to cash in three tournaments back to back which I think is awesome considering how badly I run AND play in tournies, although the profit wasn’t as exciting! :p

Here are the results for August:



Hands: 45,590
bb/100: 0.63
EV bb/100: 3.43
Net Won: 40.83$
EV adjusted: 165.04$
VPP Rewards: 125$

Tournaments: 34.55$
Live Cash Games: 27$

Total: 227.38$

I’m going to be taking it easy the next five days. Chilling mostly, and definitely putting in some DB analysis time and hand review.

Till the next blog post… have fun and GL at the tables!

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