August 2013 – Update

Posted on September 1, 2013


In my previous monthly blog post, I mentioned I would be taking the rest of the month off for some Hand Reveiw and DB analysis to prepare for 25nl… well it did not take too long and I felt eager to try out few hands on 25nl.

Meticulous study, coupled with some run good got us with an additional 3BIs for 25nl.


I also played the PokerStars VIP Weekly $5K, Weekly $30K, and Monthly $100K today but I only cashed in one for just 6$

Here are the updated results for the month:

Net Won: 40.83$ + 84.09$
EV adjusted: 165.04$ + 51.45$
VPP Rewards: 125$

Tournaments: 34.55$ + 6.00$
Live Cash Games: 27$

Total: 317.47$

GL for September!


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