September 2013 Recap

Posted on September 29, 2013


Not much can be said about September except that I ran kind of bad in terms of coolers and board runouts. Variance got the best of me at times but I’m very happy to close the month in the green. I just hate a losing month! 🙂

I mixed in different stakes between 2NL at times and 25NL, putting in some hands at the regular tables too. Whenever I felt I was card dead or getting coolered I’d just drop down levels to grind out the variance and then move back up when things settled slightly.  I think that strategy works well for me to keep me tilt free and protect my bankroll during downswings.

Here are the results for September:



Hands: 44,912
bb/100: 0.57
EV bb/100: 1.34
Net Won: 43.93$
EV adjusted: 26.93$

VIP Giveaway: 11$
WCOOP Reload Bonus: 100$

Tournaments:  -19.55$
Live Poker: 30$

Total: 165.38$

Not the best performance, but oh well… atleast its positive!

GL at the tables!

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