Finding Your Sweet Spot

Posted on October 6, 2013


In today’s games finding an edge at the tables not only increases your winrate, but can be as crucial as transforming you from a losing to a winning player. Though most of the edge you can gain from strategy and in-game tactics, one edge commonly forgotten is your psychological state and under what conditions you perform best!

In this blog post I will go over a few things I have thought about to help improve my winrate. Specifically, the number of tables to play and at what times during the day and on which day of the week!

Number of tables
(sacrificing winrate for volume)

Let’s assume the following:

. A regular table of 6max generates on average 100 Hands / hour

. A Zoom table of 6max on PokerStars generates on average 250 Hands / hour

Now, let’s say a) we do 6bb/100 playing 2 x Zoom for 500 Hands / hour but our winrate decreases to b) 5bb/100 if we add 1 regular table for a total of 600 Hands / hour. But when we c) add 2 regular tables on top of 2 x Zoom tables our winrate drops to 4bb/100 for 700 Hands / hour.

So for each scenario we will be netting an hourly average of :

a) 500 hands x 0.06 bb/hand = 30bb/hour

b) 600 hands x 0.05bb/hand = 30bb/hour

c) 700 hands x 0.04bb/hand = 28bb/hour

We can deduce that our sweet spot is the point where we generate the highest winrate at the highest possible number of tables, or in this case Scenario b) Adding more tables would hence decrease our winrate and our hourly rate.

There’s a report in HEM2 you can use to find your own winrate by the number of tables you play; Use that to do your calculation and find your sweet spot

Multi Table Report

Date/Time of winning sessions

Different people perform differently at different times of the day. Some have their highest mental state early in the mornings, others later in the evening. A report in HEM2 can also help you find at which time during the day you generate the highest winrate. Also, its safe to assume that the games get softer during the weekends when more recreational players log in to get their weekly doze of gambling.

Time - Day of Week Time - Hourly

What I have noticed is that my best winrates are typically between Thursdays through Sundays peaking between 5pm and 8pm EET. My worst are Mondays with a huge drop after lunch. Which I can probably factor to getting sleepy after a meal when the blood in the body rushes down to the stomach. So clearly, that would be a No No for me if I want to preserve my wins and increase my winrate.

With this kind of information we can schedule our sessions at our highest performance.

What I do is schedule my Hand Reviews and Study and other life errands between Mondays and Wednesdays and only play 2 Zoom tables on those days. Thursdays through Sundays will be my highest volume peaking between 5pm and 8pm.

I hope you found this information helpful to find your sweet spot… Happy grinding everyone! 🙂


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