834_10152356939875529_384954692_n      I was born on July 25, 1984 in Lebanon, where I currently reside, to a middle-class  family  of four. My parents put alot of effort, which I am eternally grateful, to provide us  with  the best education and lifestyle throughout the hardships my country endured.

My childhood was as pleasant as I can remember! From an early age I showed interest  in video games and different board games specifically Chess. No one in the family had any interest in cards though, and funny enough I was never into playing cards (I actually sucked at it)!

I was introduced to Poker in 2008 by a very close friend of mine and immediately I had found a knack for it. I was hooked! We had home games setup each week and we used to play different forms of ‘dealer’s choice’ poker. All that time, poker to me was still a game! A year later, I decided to take poker to a different level. I started going to the local Casino after work and playing on different poker sites during weekends and off the bat started playing 2$/4$ No Limit Hold’em! I blew off some serious money!

In 2012, I took Poker really serious. Since then I’ve done alot of readings, subscribed to online training sites, and even got few sessions of coaching. That helped alot in advancing my game to where it is today, but I still have to build back a bankroll! Which brings us to where we are today.

I am a member of Team PokerSchoolOnline and I have been hired as Hand Analyzer. You can find me in the forums evaluating hands posted by PSO members.

To me, Poker is an opportunity, an escape from the routine life that people live day-in day-out chasing their dreams or even forfeiting theirs to live someone else’s life. I want to LIVE my dream and I am not giving up the opportunity!

I am geoVARTA!

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