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Finding Your Sweet Spot

October 6, 2013


In today’s games finding an edge at the tables not only increases your winrate, but can be as crucial as transforming you from a losing to a winning player. Though most of the edge you can gain from strategy and in-game tactics, one edge commonly forgotten is your psychological state and under what conditions you […]

Thief of Thieves

September 13, 2013


Welcome to the second installment of Stackedforlife strategy guide. In my last post, “Don’t Steal, Plan a Heist”, I discussed the mathematics behind profitable steals. In this post we will look at situations where we face an open raise from steal positions and list a defense strategy. When we face an open raise from a […]

Don’t Steal, Plan a Heist

August 28, 2013


A guide to successful steals In a short handed  game, you are dealt 6 hands in each orbit; 2 of which you will be in the blinds; Assuming we are folding all of our hands it means that each orbit will cost us 1.5bbs or 0.25bb/hand or 25bb/100 hands. For explanation purposes, say we fold […]