As of August 2013, I’ve taken up private coaching for microstakes 6max. Though, I was reluctant at first when I was approached for a coaching session because I think that a winning poker player does not necessarily have what it takes to be a good mentor or teacher and with coaching comes responsibility towards your students; but, the feedback I got was … well motivating for me. The experience was enjoyable for me and fruitful for my students so I’ve decided to do this more regularly.

As a member of Team PokerSchoolOnline, I think I have what it takes to provide you with the knowledge to take your game to the next level.

Here’s a sample of my results



Who do I coach?

My coaching is tailored for microstakes players between 2NL and 25NL who have a winrate of 2.5bb/100 or less.

If you have a slightly higher winrate and looking to improve your game, then I’m not the person for you. I’m not your hot shot winner, nor your mass volume multitable grinder, but my coaching emphasizes on basic fundamentals and is a shortcut to winning poker. I can provide you with the knowledge I have gained from different resources and self learning that has transformed me from a losing player to a winning player at my current 25NL stakes.


I think it’s not reasonable for any player to pay more than 3-4 Buyins of their current level for one hour of coaching, especially microstakes players. In my opinion, it’s unfair for someone playing 10NL to pay hundreds of dollars for an hour of coaching session. For that, I have decided to charge my students 2BIs from the stakes that they need coaching for with a minimum of 10$/hour.

2NL & 5NL: 10$/hour

10NL: 20$/hour

25NL: 50$/hour

What I do

  • DB Analysis: I can look at your stats and do some data mining on your Poker tracking software to find leaks in your game and provide insight on improving your winrate
  • Session review: You can record a 30 min session and I can comment on your plays and thought process
  • Hand Analysis: You can submit hands that you had trouble with and I can analyze them and evaluate your lines
  • Video lesson: I will play the stakes for you and record a 30min session with live commentary


You can schedule a private session by contacting me via email:, or PM me on PokerSchoolOnline.

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